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Thank you for your interest in our travel program. IYG is very proud of the coaches, parents, and especially the children who make up our travel teams. While we are hoping to use this page to explain how travel ball with IYG works, we strongly encourage you to talk to friends and neighbors about their experiences, while recognizing that each team has a unique character.

All interested players are welcome to try out for a specific age group in our travel teams.  Travel baseball is a competitive program, and players’ development is of the utmost importance on IYG travel teams.


Who should play travel baseball?

Please realize that travel baseball is not for everyone. To be successful in travel baseball, children should show a high level of ability, and their families should recognize that a greater commitment, both in terms of attendance at practices and games as well as financially, is required.


When are the games held?

Generally travel tournaments are held on the weekends.  Tournaments comprise a large part of the travel baseball experience, and the children love them. Tournament weekends generally mean a team will definitely play two games on Saturday and at least one on Sunday, with the possibility of more Sunday afternoon if the team reaches the semi-finals or finals. IYG will play a minimum of two tournaments during the month, with a possibility of three during the season.  At times there may only be 1 day tournaments which are held on Sundays.  Distance to each of the tournaments varies but normally we try and stay within a 75 mile radius of Richmond.  The Showcase team however could play out of state such as North Carolina.  Please look at IYG’s Showcase schedule for an example of the travel requirement s for this higher level age group.


My child enjoys other activities, like basketball or soccer – will that be all right?

Many travel baseball players participate in other activities. The coaches understand this, however, it is expected that a player’s primary commitment is to his or her baseball team.


How many hours a week will my child practice?

Generally speaking, travel teams practice twice a week for approximately 2 hours when there is no tournament scheduled that week.  In addition, there is usually another night added for physical training in IYG training facility.


As a parent, what are my obligations to a travel team?

Commitment!!  As a parent, you have committed your child but you are also committed as a parent.  Travel baseball can become overwhelming at times taking children from one tournament to another on the weekends in addition to getting them to practice and conditioning.  Having other children playing different sports will add one more layer to your busy schedule.  Remember you are making a commitment to the team your child will be playing on.  Travel baseball is nearly a year round commitment with tournaments/practices from Mar thru Oct.  During the winter months all practices will be held in the IYG Training facility.  Weather permitting; we will try to get outside on a ball field.  So you can see, as a parent you are committing both you and your child every month.



Then tryout for an IYG Spiders travel team!!!   If you are“self-motivated”, dedicated to improving your own game, and posses a strong desire to work hard and compete, we would love to talk to you?   If you are interested in becoming part of the IYG team give our Director of Baseball Tyler LeClair a call 804-495-7574 or email us at improveyourgame@msn.com.


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